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Combating Information Warfare of Adversaries Post Abrogation of Article 370

·         Article 370 in Jammu and Kashmir revoked on August06, 2019, making J&K and Ladakh two separate Union Territories, is history.

·         Pakistan rattled, reckless. China failed to make headway at UNSC .

·         Pakistan continues information War, including propaganda, fake news, cyber campaign besides Hybrid War.

·         India to combat all domains of warfare including fermented domestic troubles.


J&K being one (to get statehood when there is peace) and Ladakh being another UT. The sight of only Tricolour furling on Secretariat building in Srinagar symbolises complete integration as ‘One Nation, One Constitution and One Flag’, which represents national will and resolve. With no change International border/LAC/LoC/AGPL, this administrative reorganisation is an internal matter of India, which was essential for inclusive growth of the erstwhile state. This reform was long overdue, as it was seen that Article 370 and 35a was hurting India and common people of J&K since inclusion.New Adidas Harden Vol 1 Olive ColGoldt Basketball Schuhe Men's 14 These provisions were being misused by few local politicians, separatists, elite businessmen, terrorists and their supporters, at the cost of brewing inequality, depriving legal benefits, voting rights, welfare related rights to common people of Kashmir including safai karmacharis, and daughters marrying outside and their children. It helped agenda of Pakistan and terrorists, allowed forcibly pushing out some natives like Kashmiri Pundits with blatant abuse of power and left India helpless in mitigating their grievances. No investments were possible to create jobs hence terror industry bloomed. Needless to say that the people enjoying such abuse of power will continue to cry foul, along with some more trying to gain political mileage out of it, but the fact is that this decision was backed by thumping mandate of the country through laid down democratic process.

What are Indian Adversaries Trying?

Pakistan’s frustration is that declaration of J&K as UT will expose its terrorists fuelling proxy war in Kashmir, out of the umbrella of local political patronage. The separatists will be exposed to central security forces and laws, and its terror industry/infrastructure built in Kashmir over decades will start crumbling. Mens Charcoal Creative Recreation TurnschuhePakistan Army, ISI and political class has enjoyed power domestically, on their narrative of efforts of Kashmir’s liberation so far; hence Indian action has disturbed their plans. China’s disgruntlement stems from the fact that Ladakh becoming a UT weakens their false, incremental claims in that region, besides weakening Pakistan’s proxy to keep Indians engaged on their behalf. Pakistan has been waging hybrid war with large number of terrorists already infiltrated, along with separatists instigating violence, coupled with conventional fire at LoC,in last few decades, resulting more than 42000 deaths. Its efforts to re-ignite hybrid war post abrogation of Article 370 have not met much success, because of heavy deployment and alertness of Indian security forces and restrictions on mobile and internet.

Pakistan’s irrational actions like lowering of diplomatic relations with India, scrapping trade ties, stopping rail communication and blocking air routes have been to its disadvantage. Pakistan and China went through diplomatic offensive by approaching UNSC for informal meeting, which also yielded no results as the world community did not find it a worthwhile to even issue any joint statement. On sidelines of G7 Summit, Prime Minister Modi while talking to President Trump ruled out any mediation efforts by any other country, which Pakistan was vehemently trying. GDEFY Gravity Defyer Mighty Walk Athletic schuhe schwarz Blau 11 XW Men im Kombi 65533s;This has put to rest all diplomatic efforts of Pakistan for internationalisation or mediation of Kashmir Issue. Enhanced military deployment including SSG and artillery along LoC is part of escalating hybrid war. Large scale attempts of infiltration of terrorists including under water operators, is to create fear psychosis amongst people of Kashmir, especially their erstwhile sympathisers not to change sides and be helpful in commencing terror actions in Kashmir as and when the restrictions on communication means are lifted by India.1:1 gegen Erfurt - Zwickau wendet Fehlstart ab China seems to be signalling moral and material support to Pakistan through MoUs for defence capacity building and cooperation during visit of Deputy Chairman of its Central Military Commission, which seems to be more of optics as China already accounts for more than 70 percent of import of military hardware to Pakistan. After UNSC embarrassment China has been relatively quiet on propaganda or rhetoric.

Information Warfare by Pakistan

Pakistan has enhanced the dimension of warfare by graduating to all out ‘Information Warfare’ (IW), which encompasses propaganda, fake news, threatening statements, rhetoric, manipulating social media and invisible cyber warfare. To combat this warfare it is necessary to understand the strategy of Pakistan regarding application of IW. Prozess um Messer-Attacke beginnt - Barfuß-Killer fühlte sich von Islamisten verfolgtTheir first narrative is to give religious colour to propaganda campaign, falsely projecting it as Hindu encroachment on Muslim rights, and restrictions on internet and mobile, (which is lifeline of its terror networking, propaganda campaign and terror strikes) as atrocities on Muslims.K Swiss X DNCE Jack (im Gegensatz zu K. The aim being to garner support of Muslims globally including Indian Muslims to stand up for supporting terror in the garb of Jihad to prevent falsely claimed atrocities on Muslims. Unfortunately for them, except for members of their terror industry and their sympathisers, not very many have bought this narrative. The second narrative is posing fake Indian threat from India (Although India has no intention of any war with Pakistan, except that it intends respond offensively to any threat posed by Pakistan, including terror attacks), posing helplessness, repeatedly threatening the world of its nuclear status and it’s irrationality to get into nuclear exchange, blackmailing world community to intervene and save the situation. The third narrative is to remind US, China and India of its terror potential, blackmail US for its need to quit Afghanistan in exchange of leverage on Taliban (if any?) and blackmail China for protecting its economic interests and workers in the country and doing the dirty job of containing Indian forces on their behalf. Imran Khan’s acceptance of approximately 40,000 terrorists on his soil and threat to unleash his strategic assets (terrorists) for Pulwama type actions does not deter India, which anticipated such actions in its strategic calculation.

Major General S B Asthana

Major General Asthana is a veteran and gives his own opinion which is not that of any organization. However he is member of the United Services Institute (USI). Jordan Chris Paul Brazil Pack Größe 8USI, the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA) and the Centre for Land Warfare Studies (CLAWS) are the three most premier defense and security think tanks in India. IDSA is funded by Ministry of Defense and CLAWS is under the administrative control of the Indian Army.

About the author: Indian Major General Asthana (veteran)


  • Veteran Infantry General with 40 years of varied experience in national, international fields and UN. Schuhe von Männern LOTTO 8,5 (EU 41) Turnschuhe aus schwarzem Textil BR716-41Former Additional Director General of Infantry of Indian Army and Head of Training at Defence Services Staff College Wellington. Awarded twice by President of India, twice by UN, and CEE excellence award for Nation building by Governor of Haryana.
  • Presently Chief Instructor of all Courses for military officers in United Service Institute of India.
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Ab 2020 will China seine Bürgerinnen und Bürger mit einem umfangreichen Sozialkreditsystem bewerten. International hat das für viel Skepsis gesorgt. Wenig beachtet war bisher, dass sich das Sozialkreditsystem auch auf internationale Unternehmen erstreckt – und so in Handelskonflikten zur Waffe werden könnte.

Die Einrichtung eines Sozialkreditsystems wurde 2014 vom chinesischen Staatsrat beschlossen, die Umsetzung schreitet zügig voran. Die Auswirkungen werden nach Ansicht von Fachleuten gravierend sein. China will künftig zwischen „guten“ und „schlechten“ Bürgerinnen und Bürgern unterscheiden. In Pilotprojekten gibt es etwa Punkteabzüge für Regelverstöße, New Balance 1400 Super Team 33 Fanzine w Box RAREVerkehrsvergehen und Zahlungsverzug bei Rechnungen. Auch allzu kritische Äußerungen in Sozialen Netzwerken könnten eines Tages dazu führen, dass jemand im Punktesystem nach unten rutscht.

Viele Unklarheiten

Die Kammern warnten zugleich, die Einführung des Systems sei mit zahlreichen Ungewissheiten verbunden. Six Hundrot Four schuhe - Der lange Winter - Männer im KomaUnklar sei etwa noch, wie verschiedene Bewertungskriterien gewichtet würden. Das System, in dem alle Daten zusammengeführt werden, beruhe auf einem „intransparenten Algorithmus“,Gesehen wurde er noch nie - Dem Grusel-Wels gehen die Küken aus so die Deutsche Handelskammer. Internationale Unternehmen könnten durch das System diskriminiert werden, heißt es dazu im Bericht der EU-Kammer.

Aus Sicht der deutschen Wirtschaft seien eine Koppelung an rechtsstaatliche Prinzipien und transparente nachvollziehbare Regeln eine Grundvoraussetzung für ein derartiges Bewertungssystem. Die Datenabfrage sollte sich auf das notwendige Minimum beschränken. Creative Recreation Deross Low-Top Athletic Turnschuhe rotDann könnte ein solches System beispielsweise helfen, andere Unternehmen besser einzuschätzen, bevor eine Geschäftsbeziehung eingegangen oder vertieft wird.

„Es fehlen substanzielle Informationen zur Systematik und Funktion des Scoring-Systems sowie über vorzubereitende Maßnahmen“, so die Deutsche Handelskammer, die mehr Transparenz von Peking einforderte.

red, ORF.at/Agenturen

Gibt es eigentlich zukünftig eine Beschwerdestelle bei dem sozialen Bonussystem, bei dem man Widerspruch gegen die Punktebewertung einlegen kann ? Saucony Jazz O Premium Sand Tan SuedeOder wird eine Beschwerde als Querulantentum gewertet und man noch weiter runtergestuft? Zudem ist das Wort soziales Bonussystem für diese Orwellsche Überwachung ja euphemistischer New Speak!

Interessant sind hierbei für mich folgende Fragestellungen zum totalen Überwachungssystem in China. : Wird die Implementierung des „sozialen Bonussystem“ so widerspruchslos von den Chinesen hingenommen? Gibt es da auch kritische Stimmen? Kann sich Protest dagegen ergeben, auch von Teilen der KP-Mitglieder, die dann auch um ihre Privilegien und Bewertung als gutes oder schlechtes Parteimitglied fürchten müssen? Die jetzigen Chinesen kennen China noch ohne dieses totale Überwachungssystem, schätzen wahrscheinlich noch die privaten Freiräume.Zverev und Damen-Duo in Washington im Halbfinale Wielange braucht es um die Erinnerung daran auszulöschen und das System zu internalisieren?Eine neue Generation, die nichts anderes mehr kennt? Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 Men's Größe 12.5 Navy Gold grau 1102941D439 Gibt es eine Beschwerdestelle gegen die Punktebewertung wie es ja auch in China Petitionsstellen gibt, z.B. in Peking gegen die Willkür oder Fehlentscheidungen von Parteikadern? Wird Chinas Wirtschaft dann eine gelenkter Staatskapitalismus und auch die Arbeiterklasse nach guten und schlechten Arbeitern unterschieden und völlig rechtlos gemacht. Werden dann wie in der Sowjetunion Stachanowkampagnen von vorbildlichen Bürgern und Modelarbeitern nach dem Muster des Modellsoldaten Lei Feng wieder initiert, bei dem Leute mit hohem Bonusstand dann als Benchmark für die Gesellschaft gelten wie bei Mc Donalds der Mitarbeiter des Monats?Knapp dem Tod entkommen: Cops retten Auto-Insassen aus Flammenhölle Kann man Negativpunkte wieder kompensieren und ausgleichen, ja ergibt sich da eine Art Ablasshandel wie im europäischen Mittelalter, bei dem man auch Punkte kaufen kann und das System somit zu einer soziale Frage wird? Wenn die Punktevergabne über automatisierte Algorithmenprogramme läuft, wird sich hier nicht auch eine gewisse Fehlerquote einstellen, die Unzufriedenheit hervorrufen könnte? Werden dann auch die Bonusalgorithmen Gegenstand der Diskussion? Gibt es dann auch Minuspunkte für sexuelle Belästigung durch Parteikader?

„Gesetz soll sexuelle Belästigung klar definieren

Nike Huarache E.D.G.E. TXT Sz 14 schwarz A16097-003 Solar rot Running Classic NSWDie chinesische Öffentlichkeit fordert klare gesetzliche Regelungen zu sexueller Belästigung. Diese Aussage machte der Sprecher des Nationalen Volkskongresses (NVK), Zang Tiewei, nachdem für eine Überarbeitung der Persönlichkeitsrechte im Zivilgesetzbuch zum Thema sexuelle Belästigung fast 32.000 Kommentare von 20.000 Bürgern eingegangen waren – mehr als für jedes andere Thema.

Laut Zang gehe sexuelle Belästigung vor allem von Vorgesetzten aus, die Ihre Position missbrauchten. Fälle seien jedoch nicht allein auf den Arbeitsplatz beschränkt.

Das Ausmaß von sexueller Belästigung in China ist jedoch schwierig zu messen, da in Folge von Vorwürfen gegen Parteikader die Zensur des Themas verstärkt wurde. Die Aussagen des NVK können jedoch als hoffnungsvolles Zeichen dafür gelten,100% Authentic New Asiacs Gel Saga Burgundy braun Christmas Pack Mens Größe 9 dass das Thema ernst genommen wird. Es zeigt auch, dass öffentliche Debatten die Politik der Kommunistischen Partei beeinflussen können.“

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Global Review had the honour and opportunity to have an interview with South East Asia expert Dr. Wolfgang Sachsenröder about Indonesia as role model for a Muslim democracy.

Wolfgang Sachsenröder owned his PhD in Political Science and Public Law from the University of Bonn, Germany. Jordan Retro 12 Größe 10.5 Weiß, Schwarz, RotHe got involved in party politics in the student revolution of 1968, and worked later as a political adviser in Asia, the Middle East, and the Balkans, for a quarter of a century. Coming back to Singapore in 2008, he joined the Institute of Southeast Asian Studies, and focused on the party developments in the region. More information on the party systems can be found in:1:1 gegen Erfurt - Zwickau wendet Fehlstart ab
Sachsenroeder, Wolfgang, ed. (2014), Party Politics in Southeast Asia – Organization – Money – Influence, available at Amazon books. A book on party finances and political corruption, titled “Power broking in the shade” was published in 2018. Power Broking in the Shade, Party Finances and Money Politics in Southeast Asia, WorldScientific 2018, ISBN 9789813230736

The Partyforum South East Asia has its own informative website at:


Global Review: Dr. Sachsenroeder, could you give a short summary of the political parties and their representatives in the last Indonesian elections, the outcome and your interpretation of the results?

Dr. Sachsenröder: It is important to see it in the perspective of where Indonesia’s democracy came from. After 300 years of Dutch colonial rule and more than three decades under the autocratic rule of general Suharto, Indonesia started into a new era of democratisation in May 1998. Mit 100 000 Rockfans - Oma Klara (91) lässt's in Wacken knacken!Suharto had come to power in 1965 with a bloody military coup against real and alleged communists and against the leftist non-aligned policies of the country’s first president Sukarno. Under what the new ruler called “new order”, political parties were not allowed except a semblance of a party called “Golongan Karya (Golkar)” or functional groups. Under the “guided democracy” of Sukarno, Golkar had been established already in 1959, in order to stem the growing influence of the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI). Teachers, trade unions, the police, and especially the Armed Forces were initially the main members, but by 1968 Golkar had co-opted a total of 250 organisations. Under President Suharto, Golkar was a convenient instrument to control and rule the huge and diverse archipelago of 18.000 islands and 300 ethnic groupsVintage Adidas Universal -1983 WEST DEUTSCHLAND UK10. As a democratic fig leaf, two parties, the Indonesian Democratic Party (PDI) and the United Development Party (PPP), were still allowed but without any chance to challenge Golkar in the controlled elections.

After the fall of Suharto, Golkar survived as a major force in the unfolding spectrum of new parties. As in comparable regime changes in other parts of the world, networks, money, and leadership skills helped Golkar to stay relevant and re-invent itself as a democratically acceptable force in the reform era after 1998. In the regional comparison, Indonesia can only be commended for her continuing democratic reform efforts, notwithstanding quite a number of teething problems and shortcomings. For the Western, especially the European eyes,So gewalttätig wird die neue Saison it is necessary to acknowledge the enormous technical and organizational challenges for the General Election Commission (KPU), given the geographical diversity of the country and her 190 million eligible voters and over 860.000 voting stations. The vote counting alone takes many weeks, different types of irregularities are rampant, and especially vote-buying ironically guarantees a high voter turnout because it creates some additional income for the poor. Money politics is widespread as in most countries in Southeast Asia, poor candidates have hardly a chance to win a mandate. And internal critics resent that without formal membership and membership fees, the parties as such are weak and rather often just a vehicle for leaders with charisma and money, or at least the know-how to organise funding sources. Neue Balance 1500.9 Hybrid Made in UK M5009FT EU 43 US 9.5 UK 9 NeufThe most common source is the “scalping” of development and infrastructure funds at a rate of 10-30 per cent, the biggest scandal involving no less than US$170 million, divided among at least 37 beneficiaries from different parties in a backroom of the parliament. The main culprit, a former speaker of parliament, is in prison, but the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) is under attack from time to time by interested circles.

Indonesia’s party system is volatile, and the number of parties seen as much too high. Several changes in the election rules and a 4% threshold for winning parliamentary seats have successfully reduced their proliferation. Dresden im Roli-Fieber - Der Kaiser hält Hof am ElbuferThe Carnegie Endowment for International Peace gives a good overview and a general assessment of the main parties:

Adidas stan smith Exclusive Größe

The results of the last general election in April 2019 and the nine out of 27 parties who made it into parliament are as follows:

Party Leader % Seats
PDI-P Megawati Sukarnoputri 19.33 128
Gerindra Prabowo Subianto 12.57 78
Golkar Airlangga 12.31 85
PKB Muhaimin Iskandar 9.69 58
Nasdem Surya Paloh 9.05 59
PKS Sohibul Iman 8.21 50
Demokrat Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono 7.77 54
PAN Zulkifli Hasan 6.84 44
PPP Suharso Monoarfa 4.52 19

Since the president and his deputy were elected on the same day, the race between incumbent Joko Widodo, nicknamed Jokowi, and his challenger Prabowo Subianto was influential for the whole election exercise. The president and his coalition were the safer bet for a majority of the voters, though his own party, the PDI-P, won only less than 20 per cent of the votes. The competition with Probowo has been described as a choice between civilian and military, more liberal and more authoritarian, moderate and more observant Islam, and more13 Programme im Test - Wie gut schützt Sicherheits-Software mein Kind?. The losing ex-general Prabowo refused to acknowledge his defeat claiming systemic fraud but insinuated already a couple of months later that he might join President Widodo’s ruling coalition. His meeting with PDI-P’s matriarch leader Megawati Sukarnoputri made headlines in Indonesia in July. Mrs. Megawati (72), or Mega in short, has been re-elected for a fifth five-year term at the beginning of August.Adidas NH Shelltoe US 8, EU 41 1 3 adidas superstar NH Shelltoe As the daughter of the country’s first president Sukarno, and a former president herself, she is one of the stable factors in Indonesia’s politics. During her re-election by acclamation she denied that she is grooming her son and her daughter for sharing the burden of the office and eventual succession, a criticism cropping up regularly in the domestic debate and the media. But the family prestige and the wealth of her late husband have certainly helped a lot to stay at the helm. 

Global Review: Due to the lack of democracies in the Muslim world except instable Tunisia and the semi-democracies Pakistan or Bangladesh in which the military still plays an important role, many point to Indonesia as a role model for a Muslim democracy.NIKE COURT FORCE LOW PREMIUM 8.5US 42 LTD RARE QS TZ Do you think Indonesia is an accurate example and model for the future Muslim world?

The success of Australia’s Canberra, Malaysia’s Putrajaya, or to a lesser degree Brasilia may have encouraged President Widodo to prepare for a major legacy of his terms in office. 

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